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I was still packing away library books, while Dean rested against a shelf. I felt like we were a day ahead in the week. Yet, it was still only actually Tuesday, given that the support group meeting had been moved forward, just like my shift. Both wouldn’t be possible on the following day, the Wednesday, owing to Aaron and Penelope’s wedding, which was why both events had been moved to Tuesday.

“It’s hard to imagine that it’s November already,” Dean mused. “To think of it, at the end of last year, Jennifer was pregnant, and at the end of this year, she’ll be pregnant again.”

My eyes narrowed. It was just the two of us in the library, given that he’d arrived early.

“Do you mean that--?”

“Well, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say--.”

“That is so exciting,” I gushed, “but your secret’s safe with me.”

I would have to try especially hard to not say anything when I say Jason and Jennifer at the wedding the following day. Aaron and I hugged upon his arrival.

“You’re getting married tomorrow!”


I laughed. We sat down. It was something of a giddy meeting; even Lorelai managed to crack a smile. I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. Aaron and Penelope’s relationship had been a whirlwind, but it would be my honour to stand by their sides and watch them pledge themselves to each other, for better and for worse. Following the support group meeting, I returned home and got changed, ready for bed. I watched the wind whistle through the open window. While I could have gone across and closed it, I appreciated the coolness amidst the pre-summer heat. In the morning, it would be Aaron and Penelope’s wedding day – and I couldn’t wait for the excitement.


The younger sister of missing Sydney man Mitchell del Reyan, Nina del Reyan lives on Dharug land in western Sydney. She has recently commenced a teaching degree at Macquarie University. Nina loves her family and friends and is deeply committed to finding answers and justice for the families of missing people.

Abbey Sim is the founder of Huldah Media. She is a creative writing, law and theology student who lives on the lands of the Dharug people in Sydney, Australia. Abbey desires to explore themes of hope, love and longing through her storytelling. She is the author of 'Shadow' and 'From the Wild'.

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