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I turned the corner at the hospital, in pursuit of Mum’s office. Simon was seated on one of the padded chairs, head bowed. His palms were closed around a steaming takeaway cup, with his name scribbled on the side. I approached tentatively.

“Hello,” I greeted.

Simon glanced up, startled a little.

“Your sister Bianca, I know her boyfriend,” I mentioned. “My brother went to school with him and I met your sister at a wedding, Juliet and Jacob Winter’s wedding, a couple of months back.”

“Yeah, right.” Simon smiled. “How do you know the Winters?”

“My cousin works with Juliet.”

I felt like I needed to bring up Bianca’s illness, to offer my sympathies. While I would have also been fishing for info, that came from a motivation of wanting to know how to care. I would have just wanted someone to affirm the awfulness, and hold me.

“Your brother died, didn’t he?”

I shook my head.

“No, he’s missing.”

“Right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Just make sure that you spread the word.”

“I’ll do my best,” Simon vowed. “Are you alright? What are you doing here?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” I assured with a smile. “My mum works here. I’ve just come to pick her up.”

I felt like there was something which he wasn’t telling me, but it was none of my business.

“Keep in touch, yeah?” I requested. “I’m pretty sure that we’re Facebook friends.”

“We are.”

“I’ll message you.”

“Thank you.”


Abbey Sim is the founder of Huldah Media. She is a creative writing, law and theology student who lives on the lands of the Dharug people in Sydney, Australia. Abbey desires to explore themes of hope, love and longing through her storytelling. She is the author of 'Shadow' and 'From the Wild'.

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