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Following my lecture, I grabbed lunch on campus. The sun warming my face while I chowed into mushrooms and cheese was pure serotonin. From the rain over the last week or so, the asphalt beneath my shoes remained damp. I spotted Sally, waving towards her. For a moment, I thought she didn’t notice, but then she approached. Sally greeted me with a small smile. Yet, my face soon fell, noticing how withdrawn she seemed, in contrast to her usual demeanour. As she reached my table, Sally sat down opposite me.

“Nina,” she whispered, “do you have a moment?”

“Yeah,” I offered.

My heart started to thump faster. I glanced back and forth, thinking that my gozleme lunch was likely to go cold.

“Would you like to go somewhere more quiet?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” Sally requested.

We walked off together. The two of us found our way to one of the arts faculty buildings. We dropped into a study nook.

“I’ve met a boy and we’re in love. We made love and it was magical, but I’m not sure now how he feels about me. What do you think that I should do?”

“You know, sex is communication. I believe you have the strength within you to continue that conversation, and whoever this guy is, he should have the strength to give you an answer.”


Abbey Sim is a candidate for Honours in Communications at the University of Technology Sydney. She lives on the lands of the Dharug people in Sydney, Australia. Having started Huldah Media in 2021, Abbey desires to explore themes of hope, love and longing through her storytelling. She is the author of 'Shadow' and 'From the Wild'.

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