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The shortlist for the Head of Carnivores position at Adelaide has been announced. Monica has made the shortlist, which isn’t particularly surprising considering her experience at Melbourne. I get why Reuben would be irritated about her leaving, because she’s good at her job. Personally I can’t blame Monica, given that she’s from South Australia. She moved to Melbourne for the career opportunity. Now that there is a job available back at Adelaide Zoo, it makes sense that she would want to go for it and be closer to her family. For Adelaide Zoo, it’s a steal that they would get a person who has worked as a Head of Carnivores previously at another major Australian zoo.

What’s more, I know Monica has international experience. If Adelaide is wanting to import more species not common in the region, such as Sri Lankan Leopards, then she would particularly be an asset. The other name which I recognise from the list is Joel Donovan, from Perth. This I pondered while getting into Nikki’s car this morning.


Jumilah Fioray is a recent high school graduate from lutruwita, Tasmania. Her parents, Catherine and Adriano Fioray, met at the University of Melbourne in the 1990s and returned to Hobart after finishing their degrees, where they raised their daughter and worked in agriculture. Jumilah's passion for conservation reflects her grandparents' work running a sanctuary in Sumatra.

Abbey Sim is the founder of Huldah Media. She is a creative writing, law and theology student who lives on the lands of the Dharug people in Sydney, Australia. Abbey has long had a passion for the weird and the wonderful of stories, sport and zoo animals. 'From the Wild' is her first anthology.

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